About Me

Eva718 photoMy name is Eva (aka Eva718, from 718barcelona.com ). I was born on October 28, 1968 in Barcelona, Spain, and spent my 20s and early 30s in NYC. Since, I have been traveling back and forth between Barcelona and the World, and try and set foot in my soul-city New York every chance I get. This is the reason why I wanted to carry out my 1st march for smiles in NYC.

As a spoken word artist, singer and songwriter, I sometimes integrate several of my interests in my QR projects, as these allow me to add intimate and diverse audio dimensions to images, photographs, paintings, videos or objects, and create deeper connections with the viewers/listeners.

I began song-writing at age 13, wrote poetry and essays, composed, performed, played, and later recorded Brooklyn Nights in 1993, time in which I paused my artistic career. After 20+ years working as a creative for different companies and organizations, “I’m back” (which happens to be the theme of a recent fresh, free and relaxed improvisation that includes my passion and believe in the power of smiling).