On a QR-Mission to Spread Good Vibes

New York City, NY (May 20, 2017) – As the world seems to have grown more violent, hungry, bitter, vain, hurt, sad, complex and insecure, I thought I could and should do something about it.  My plan is to spread good vibes by smiling and sharing the benefits of smiling with as many people as possible.

For this first QR mission, I have planned a 5-day SMILE walk, from the Bronx to Coney Island (May 20-24th), to encourage passersby to smile and learn about the many and surprising benefits of smiling. With my personalized “audio-smile-message” QRd t-shirt, some flyers and this webpage, I hope to spark people’s curiosity and desire to learn more about the benefits of smiling, and embrace and adopt the constant practice of it. The more we smile, the better we and others feel, positively affecting us and the world around us (relationships, work, community, health, etc.).

To help spread the word as much and wide as possible, I’ve signed up on Instagram (yes! 1st time), to motivate and encourage everyone in my path and beyond, to smile and upload their smiley faces using the hashtags #nysmiles and #smiling4change, or follow me! I’d like to visually, and energetically, capture the liveliness, positivity, beauty, attractiveness and great vibes that this FREE and highly beneficial act of smiling generates. I believe this effort will contribute to feed the city, and beyond, with LOTS of loving energy!

Not in NY? Join us populate the world with smiles and good vibes! Just practice smiling often and post a smile on Instagram using #yourcity/townsmiles and #smiling4change. 

Inspired by smile/facial/emotion research and my own 25+years experience working and studying emotions, I firmly believe that increased smiling will greatly benefit this, often crying, BEAUTIFUL Universe we inhabit (all its contents included, not just people).

The origins: It all began in 1993 when, inspired by Paul Ekman‘s work on facials, I decided to test a reversal-effect of the Duchenne smile and take my NYU undergraduate exams holding a pen with my teeth (lips not touching the pen), hoping it would help me RELAX and REMEMBER (I was working full-time and was always running around…) – And it worked!! The Smile-Pen was born. Since then, I’ve led several initiatives, projects and smile-related experiments. Of course, smiling during an exam only worked when I studied, to remove the “stress/anxiety” barrier from my knowledge storage.

Join me in Smiling for Good Vibes, Positive Energy and a Better World! And don’t forget to post your smile, it will fuel the Universe with great energy!